Why People Love Books

What do you feel like when you skip the gym for a day? Exhausted, irritated, and dull, right? And going every day to the gym makes you feel strong and keeps your muscles intact. The same can be said of reading and what the absense of reading books does to us. Habitual reading keeps you mentally sharp and able to retain knowledge easily.

There is a reason for viewing books as your best friends. Once you start reading books, there is no going back. Reading is the best refreshment that you must take from the hectic life.

If you are a person who rarely or never reads, here are a few reasons to change that in 2022. Just remember, it’s never too late to start reading.

1. Rise to the Top with Books

Have you ever wondered why some people can argue so beautifully that you want to keep listening to them? They inspire you as if they hold an ocean of knowledge within themselves. Reading is a great way to influence our mental and spiritual state. You can start talking on worldly topics or discuss any subject when you are informed and educated in any setting. Successful people rise above because of their habit of learning, and reading is a sign of learning.

2. Books are a therapeutic thing.

You may be familiar with bibliotherapy. It is the art of therapy where people read specific texts to heal themselves from certain feelings or emotions. The happy hormones in humans are boosted by reading. For example, sometimes you feel like draining, and suddenly you open Instagram, and an unusual quote inspires you and helps reduce your mental chatter. For instance, you feel warmed and excited. The same is the case in book reading. Books offer solace as some reading hits right at the mind and heart.

3. Traveling back in time

Book reading is like a journey. We can travel back in time and explore the ancient era or another universe. The world can be perceived through another person’s prism as though we were actually there. Living in the pages of books feels like virtual reality. You can feel or experience things on your own. Get insights about the life of others with books from the comfort of your home.

4.  Books evoke various emotions.

As stated before, we can experience virtual reality with books. We live a life of character when we either watch a film or read a book. Whatever happens with the character, we join his trajectory through the story world. We feel things from the character’s point of view like scared when he meets a monster, hurt when he is wounded, pleased when he marries or succeeds, etc. These incidents in books evoke different emotions in readers.

5. To find words for what we know already.

We return to books in the moment of darkness. When we feel mentally retarded, or depressed, books provide meaning to our emotions. We tend to look at words for what we already know. Those little words have the power to fascinate us. This is the most common reason why we love to read books. To understand us, understand our emotions, and understand the reality of life. Books are a stress-free escape. Divert yourself in the world of imagination with reading.

6.  Books are reflective in nature.

Readers reflect on what they have read in addition to gaining perspective. While getting perspective allows a person to see things from the other side of the fence, being reflective enables them to understand how to use their newfound perspective to be productive. Reading is more than just staring at words on a page. They recognize the profound effect of reading a text on the mind and how books can change a person’s life.


People who are habitual of reading find themselves more confident, stress-free, and in a better mood. Every day, a few minutes of reading stretch the brain’s muscles for healthy functioning. It also helps to shape your character and personality to a great extent. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, you get to learn a significant deal from books.

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