Why do books release on Tuesdays?

Reader Polly May writes in with that very question:

Why are books released on Tuesday? It’s something I’ve long wondered and looking at your book release dates schedule, I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Many, if not the majority, of hard and paperback books seem to come out on Tuesday? Do you guys know why that is? Can you help a book lover out with this curiosity?

Hopefully we can Polly! You’re certainly not alone in noticing that Tuesday is a big day for book releases. 

There are two main of reasons why many books come out on Tuedays:

  • Lists & Momentum: Tuesday releases correspond to the fact that many of the book charts, such as The New York Times Bestseller list, are published on Tuesday and tallies sales from Tuesday to Tuesday. So, having a Tuesday release date gives a book plenty of time to gain momentum in the charts, which in turn provides exposure and, thus more sales. It’s a strategy that dates back to the beginning or time — or at least the beginning of Best Seller lists.


  • Distribution: Traditionally, a lot of the leading distributors deliver books to stores on Monday, which helps cut weekend staff overheads. The day after Monday is obviously Tuesday, which contributes to the fact that many books are released on Tuesday.

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Also, have you ever actually bought a book on a Tuesday? What’s your favorite day to purchase a book? Let us know in the comments!