Are we in control of our destiny? This question grabs your attention as our favorite author, Danielle Steel, reveals a traumatic event’s life of a character who will hold your attention from the start. In Without A Trace, the protagonist, Charles Vincent, challenges you to reflect on your life and maybe learn something new in the process.

Without A Trace

Danielle Steel

Danielle Steel Without A Trace Novel

Length: 240 Pages

  For a long time, Charles feels suffocated by a controlling, manipulative wife who demands he maintain her luxurious lifestyle. After an exhausting work day, he falls asleep driving and his vehicle veers off a cliff. He nearly dies but finds the will to fight and survive. He makes his way to a cottage and meets beautiful Aude. Aude is kind and opens Charles’ eyes up to the love he has been yearning for. He decides to use the accident to disappear from his old life.  It’s the struggle of reaching for a second chance at happiness, but understanding that all decisions have consequences. How Charles decides to navigate life’s path, teaches you a lot about his nature to achieve his ultimate goal of true happiness. This book is filled with the drama of facing decisions and the reactions of how we handle the effects of our choices. Are you living your best life? Once again Danielle Steel uses her treasured typewriter, Ollie, to stir up a mix of emotions. This isn’t her typical glamor romance story. This book strives to be thought-provoking and self-reflecting.  Happy reading!