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When Does Damaged Shadows (Shadows Landing #9) Come Out? Kathleen Brooks 2022 Upcoming Book

Damaged Shadows

A novel by: Kathleen Brooks
Publisher: Kathleen Brooks

Damaged Shadows RELEASE DATE

Damaged Shadows release date1st December 2022

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Damaged Shadows Description

"As the sheriff of the small town of Shadows Landing, South Carolina, Granger usually dealt with ornery alligators, fights over the best BBQ style, and the occasional shoot-out when his friends brought trouble home. Granger watched those friends get married one at a time, but he knew that wasn’t his fate. An auto accident had left Granger with scaring that he hid under his uniform. Women seemed to cringe when they saw it, so Granger gave up on relationships. Then he lost his heart to the most confident, intelligent, and sexy woman he’d ever met. But what would a woman like that want with a damaged man like him?

Olivia Townsend was a nightmare in heels in the courtroom. She was a lawyer for the two most powerful men in the country. She was used to taking down every opponent who crossed her. However, Olivia was now in the path of a stalker and his deadly game. It started with the feeling of being watched. Then the threatening notes began. But when the stalker tries to attack her, it is Granger Fox that saves her.

As Granger and Olivia rush to stop the escalating threats, it’s not just bullets flying, but sparks too. Can Olivia find the strength to open her heart while Granger learns to trust again? And more importantly, can they do it before time runs out and the person behind it all gets tired of playing their game? Because in this game, there can be only one winner."

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