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We Belong Together (Ryker Falls Book 7) Release? Lani Blake 2022 New Romance Novel

We Belong Together (Ryker Falls #7)

A novel by: Lani Blake
Publisher: Vella Ink

We Belong Together (Ryker Falls #7) RELEASE DATE

We Belong Together (Ryker Falls #7) release date24th September 2022

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We Belong Together (Ryker Falls #7) Description

He’s happy as a lone wolf

Firefighter Luke Trainer loves his family, but that was where he drew the line. He had no interest in opening himself up to the pain of loving anyone who doesn’t share his blood after the hell that was his childhood. Luke’s carefully controlled life seemed on track. That is, until Quinn Harper came home and wreaked havoc on his heart.

She’s beautiful, distant and wanted to be left alone, which suited him just fine. Then her father’s barn burns down, and a series of accidents suggest that something is off with the Harper family and he finds himself wanting to keep her safe.

Luke gets news that the mother who left when he was a child is dead. She leaves a younger brother that he and his brothers must step in and claim. The life that he’d carefully built for himself was imploding fast. But the one person he found himself turning to constantly was Quinn.

She’s got no time in her life for love

After joining the air force at eighteen, Quinn worked hard to become a fighter pilot, a goal she’s had since childhood. There was no time for boyfriends or fashion, or the things her old school friends had been doing. Dedication and focus was how she lived her life.

She hadn’t planned to go home to Ryker Falls. Her life was the air force, but when her father has an accident, she knows it’s time. Time to reassess what she’s realized. Quinn wanted a place to call home, and someone to share it with.

Finding the sexy Luke Trainer still there had been a surprise. The man had turned his life around, but like her, she knew beneath the surface there were demons. When they are continually thrown together, she realizes that in Luke she’s found something she never knew she was missing. Someone who understands her.

As their spark of attraction flares into a fully fledged inferno, Quinn and Luke are facing a scary, uncertain future. Will forgiveness allow them the chance to make things work? Or will the scars and danger of the past keep them apart forever?

Somebody To Love
From This Moment
Love Me Tender
Only Just Begun
Hold Me Close
You're The One
We Belong Together
We Found Love

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