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Faithless (Faithless Book 1) Release Date? Skyler Mason 2022 New Book

Faithless (Faithless Book 1)

A novel by: Skyler Mason
Publisher: Kindle

Faithless (Faithless Book 1) RELEASE DATE

Faithless (Faithless Book 1) release date3rd October 2022

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Faithless (Faithless Book 1) Description

From the moment we locked eyes, Mark Walker wanted to own me.

Rich, smooth-talking, and handsome as sin, he swept me away to his glamorous world and put a giant rock of a diamond on my finger before I could blink.

We were happy at first. We built a home, a family, and a life that seemed perfect on paper.

Until one day, I messed it all up with the first man to steal my heart.

Fifteen miserable years later, Mark still hasn’t forgiven me. Night after night, he doles out his punishment, humiliating me by sleeping with countless young women under the noses of our friends and family.

I know I’m not perfect, but even sinners deserve to keep a shred of dignity.

I can’t do this anymore. We’ve already broken our vows. Now, it’s time to break off our marriage.

Yet when I tell him my decision, his reaction is not what I expect.

Even after everything—even though he loathes me—he refuses to let me go.

Faithless is part one of the Faithless Duet, which is connected to the Purity series. Mark and Whitney are Cole’s parents in Purity.

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