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Descent (The Destiny Chronicles 1) Release Date? Chloe Adler 2022 New Paranormal Romance Releases


A novel by: Chloe Adler
Publisher: Kindle



Descent release date – 14th September 2022

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Descent Description

Sydney Flores doesn't believe in love. Why should she? Men only want one thing.

As a third-generation working girl, it's all Sydney has ever known.

But when she's done with walking the streets and trades up for a brothel she quickly learns that Ichor isn't just any brothel... it's also a blood bank where lonely vampires come for a little entertainment with their refreshment.

Syd has seen and done it all, so a little fang on the job doesn't scare her away, especially when it comes with security cameras, bouncers, and a 401K. Plus, it takes a whole lot of man to make her Latina blood boil.

So imagine her surprise when she meets three of them...

It was just another night on the job when a shifter, a vampire, and a warlock walked into the bar. That bad joke is her reality.

How fast can she run if love really is on the menu?

Tropes: Instalove, Vampire, Warlock, Shifter, Prostitute, Alpha, Gamma, Beta Heroes, Millionaire Heroes, Steamy, more than one love, Dark (trigger warning, attempted r)

-Descent is book 1 in a 3 book series and was previously published under the names Inconceivable Origin and Origin. Books 2 and 3 have not been published before and will release once a month for the next 2 months.

-Other Series and Books by Chloe Adler include:
Tales from the Edge—3 completed RH PNR books: Distant Light, Radiant Light, Blazing Light.
Chronicles of Tara—3 completed RH fantasy books: Synergist, Planeswalker, Keystone
Circus After Dark—NEW 4 book RH PNR series: Paris, Venice, Barcelona, London
Shadow Sisters—3 completed PNR books: Overtaken, Overruled, Overcome.
Stand-alone M/M PNR - Bear Your Heart

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