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Death To The Emperor (Eagles Of The Empire 21) Release Date? Simon Scarrow 2022 New Releases

Death To The Emperor

A novel by: Simon Scarrow
Publisher: Headline

Death To The Emperor RELEASE DATE

Death To The Emperor release date10th November 2022

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Death To The Emperor Description

1st-century Britannia is the setting for an epic and action-packed novel of tribal uprisings, battles to the death and unmatched courage in the Roman army ranks. From Simon Scarrow, author of the bestsellers The Emperor's Exile, Centurionand The Gladiator.

The 21st Eagle of the Empire novel. If you don't know Simon Scarrow, you don't know Rome!

It is AD 60. The hard-won province of Britannia is a thorn in the side of the Roman Empire, its tribes swift to anger, and relentless in their bloody harassment of the Roman military. Far from being a peaceful northern enclave, Britannia is a seething mass of bitter rebels and unlikely alliances against the common enemy. Corruption amongst greedy officials diverts resources from the locals who need them. For the military, it's a never-ending fight to maintain a fragile peace.

Now it's time to quell the most dangerous enemy tribes. Two of Rome's finest commanders - Prefect Cato and Centurion Macro - are charged with a mission as deadly as any they have faced in their long careers. Can they win the day, or could this be the last battle?

A stunning and unforgettable story of warfare, courage and sacrifice as brave men face an enemy with nothing to lose . . .

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