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Andalon Legacy (Children Of Andalon 1) Release Date? T. B. Phillips 2022 New Kindle Releases

Andalon Legacy

A novel by: T. B. Phillips
Publisher: Kindle


Andalon Legacy RELEASE DATE

Andalon Legacy release date – 11th September 2022

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Andalon Legacy Description

Andalon barely remembers the Brother’s War, but one woman does...

Hiding a dark past, one woman sheltered four children from the world. Keeping promises to the dead, she knew one day truths must be told. That time has come, and she must dust off her thirst for revenge or watch evil men claim Andalon's legacy.

Here is the first volume of T.B. Phillips' action-packed series Children of Andalon. This modern fantasy combines magic with emotion while delivering political intrigue and adventure.

Andalon Legacy

Revolution once pitted pirates and outlaws against an oppressive crown. That fateful clash nearly destroyed the continent but also protected it from another, far more advanced, society that farmed its supernatural powers.

Now three brothers, raised on the frontier and far away from their true origins, seek adventure. The mysterious and magical Dreamers have arrived, seeking to take one of them away without explanation. As the lies of their family are exposed, the boys begin to understand the extent of their own potential. Each is meant for greatness, despite having been blinded to their destiny.

Elsewhere, a young girl must also journey. Deeply controlled by the tradition of her people, an internal struggle ensues that threatens her existence and all she loves. Discovering the power of a goddess along the way, she must reconnect to a father long dead if not entirely forgotten. Will she choose to blaze her own path or give in to tradition?

Andalon Legacy is part of the overarching Andalon® Saga, a tale set in a world many centuries after the destruction of our own. It questions human nature, mankind’s frequent mistakes, and also our potential. It weighs our love and compassion while also balancing vengeance.

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