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CeeCee James Biography

Hi, there! I'm CeeCee James, USA Today bestselling author who first started this writing world as a kid and continued on with bedtime stories for my own kids. I have a few mystery series --the Baker Street Mysteries, Angel Lake Cozy Mysteries, Flamingo Realty, Oceanside Hotel mysteries and more! I love creating new worlds and puzzling through cozy murder mysteries. My favorite sleuths are curious, kind, and a bit flawed. But they all learn that being flawed isn't being broken, and that's a life lesson I work on for myself.

My favorite cozy mysteries always have a dash of humor, maybe a tinge of romance, animals, and tons of friendship. There are always a few of my favorite pups, and a kitten or two. I love the small town feel with a hint of juicy gossip and friendly relationships that comes with it. I also love good food and my characters love it too! That's why a bunch of my mysteries include free recipes.

I have a few published in Large Print paperback and as audio books.

One of my favorite places to write is curled up this fat oversized chair I found on sale someplace, with a cup of coffee. Usually there are dogs sleeping by my feet, or in the chair with me where somehow they double in size to hog up all the space. 🙂

Writing has been a life long passion of mine. My first published work is nonfiction Ghost No More. Most of all I love writing about the celebration of life.

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