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Byrd Nash Biography

Spinning tales of subtle magic with unexpected twists, Byrd writes the book you need, not the one you expected.

As one reviewer wrote: "When I get a Byrd story, I know I'm in good hands."

Whether it is a Doppelgänger who was once a medieval knight now working in college administration, or an updated Red Riding Hood escaping a post-WWI wolf pack, her characters all feel real.

That Celtic goddess at the pet store? She's someone you know. A medieval queen fleeing an abusive marriage? You experience her pain and triumph.

With a B.A. in journalism, she's worked in the writing field for over thirty-five years. Her hobbies include reading, nature hikes, photography, and traveling when she has the money. She seldom has the money.

She is married, with two adult children who never read her books. Byrd has cats which makes her a legit author.

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